Allcon Call & Collect - Our Showroom and Trade Counter closed!

You may have noticed a few changes if you've been to our trade counter or showroom recently. During 2023, we have been working on phasing out our trade counter and showroom and transitioning to Call & Collect. 

“As of 9th of January 2024, you can no longer collect goods from our warehouse...

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Cardboard Void Former - Buy direct or through a distributor?

Where is the best place to purchase void former, its a great question, and it comes down to two options;

  • Direct
  • Distributor 
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Void Former - Cardboard or Polystyrene?

At Allcon, we often get asked if polystyrene sheeting can be an alternative for cardboard void former. Let’s take a closer look at the two…

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Form-Tie Waterstops - an innovative solution for watertight seals

Step up your construction game and say goodbye to water leakage hassles! 

Form-Tie Waterstops - an innovative solution for watertight seals in all your civil infrastructure projects. 

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When to use flat sheet sacrificial formwork

Sacrificial formwork, also known as permanent formwork, is designed to be left in place once concrete has been poured. As a result, it may contribute to the load carrying capacity of the structure or may simply be relied on to contain the concrete while it is being cast. Sacrificial formwork is...

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Why do I need to cure concrete in winter?

The final strength and cure time of concrete is generally dictated by three conditions;

  • Hydration
  • Temperature 
  • Mix design

Whilst concrete manufacturers have a range of accelerants and additives to help slow down or increase the rate of cure, they have little control over the environmental...

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How to get rid of concrete stains before applying a sealer

As with most concrete sealers, surface preparation is crucial to ensuring good adhesion. Stains and marks can impact on the effectiveness and appearance of the sealer, so it’s important to deal with them before doing anything else. But cleaning off stubborn stains can be a real chore, especially if...

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What is aliphatic alcohol and how does it help prevent concrete cracking?

Cracks in concrete can be caused by many things and it is often difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why. A common cause of cracking occurs when concrete is poured on hot, humid or windy days. The concrete may be subject to rapid surface moisture evaporation in such conditions. As a result, early...

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How to deal with rain damaged concrete

There are few things more frustrating in life than when Mother Nature springs an unexpected rain shower…just after you've placed concrete. Unfortunately it happens all too often, especially in winter. However, there’s no need to despair, all is not lost yet. We've compiled a few tips and tricks to...

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The importance of choosing the right blade for your demo saw

Cutting rebar or reinforcing with a demo saw and abrasive blade is not exactly the safest occupation. Choosing the correct blade is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, there are many of us who can tell you first hand that the effects of blade failure can be catastrophic to the user and those in...

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